Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

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This bottle is a convenient and versatile accessory to have on hand when painting in acrylics or watercolors! A also great for a variety of other crafts! 

This 100ml PET plastic spray bottle with a non-clogging nozzle and removable cap, consistently sprays a fine mist wherever you want it to.

Use it to evenly wet paper for watercolors, to spray diluted color onto acrylics for texture effects, or to mist your paints to keep them moist in the palette. A multipurpose tool you are sure to depend on!

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  • 100ml spray bottle for water or color
  • Fine mist spray pattern
  • Non-clogging nozzle
  • Consistent results
  • Great for watercolors and acrylics!

Brand: SoHo