Hey, hey, our DNA!

We like to make stuff with our hands. 

All. The. Time. Always have. We have been knitting, crocheting, weaving, painting, making jewelry, playing with glass and clay, sketching, getting messy in the kitchen, and hand-crafting things out of wood, metal, leather, thread, random stuff from the outdoors since we were tiny tots. We learned from cool people and figured you might be interested too.

We think humans spend too much of our lives forgetting to engage with others, the earth, with ourselves, and from that which where we came. Humans are amazing creatures. We have made tools and made things with those tools for thousands of years. How about you? Gather friends, join us and make something cool. We will help you. 


Our story?

We are a Minneapolis-based crafting cavern celebrating all things handmade and the makers who create them. We are a family, literally for many of us. For some, family membership has come through our work. We are working mothers and fathers with hardworking helper kids. We are makers. We are weird. As in we practice knitting while walking. We take beads and a needle to the movies. We dream in leather and wood. We look under tables and knock on things to see what they are made of. Ya know, good weird. 

We are passionate advocates of the maker's movement. We LOVE to celebrate the work of traditional artisans and assist in inspiring them too.


Gender bender.

Don't take our labels to heart. The "Dude", "Lady" and "Baby" are playful terms meant to describe traditionally denoted arts, colors, styles, feel, and level of skill not actual AGE or GENDER identity. It is meant to play on these social norms. We mean to break through them and we hope you do too. 

MAKE your life not suck.  

Does your life sorta...suck or are you just regularly stressed out? Good news! Getting crafty is scientifically proven to make you happy, ease stress, help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or being surrounded by crazy people, and it literally improves your health.

There's just one thing...

It is INCREDIBLY addictive. You will want MORE. NEED MORE. You have been warned. No worries, we will be your faithful supplier and partner in crafting crime. We even have a subscription prescription for your addiction! In addition to regular orders, we offer awesome kits and keep-fill programs to keep your supplies stocked, your hands busy and your creative juices flowing with annual, quarterly, and monthly supply, kit, and digital pattern downloads. No excuses. Do something! Have some fun! For your health.

Photo by Image Source/Photodisc / Getty Images