CoBaSi Plus by HiKoo Yarn

CoBaSi Plus by HiKoo Yarn


When we introduced CoBaSi, a wool-free sock yarn that wouldn’t irritate or overheat, it was such a hit that we knew we had to develop a heavier version. Meet CoBaSi Plus, a worsted weight wonder which combines cotton, bamboo, silk and elastic nylon, creating that easy on the hands wooly stretch. Soft and machine washable, CoBaSi Plus is a wonderful substitute for Simpliworsted, and is a go-to yarn for hard-wearing children’s garments, and all-age sweaters, accessories and blankets.

55% Cotton, 21% Elastic Nylon, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk

100 Grams, 177 Yards

6 - 7 US Needle Size

5 Stitches per Inch

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