Custom Collaboration GetKit + Gift

Custom Collaboration GetKit + Gift

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Design your own! Get yourself a Collaboration kit to collaborate with a professional maker! Your collaborate kit will help you design and construct something unique for you to keep, plus it comes with a free gift!

This process will transform your desire, sketch or photo into something professionally machined, cut, prepared, pieced or prepared in collaboration with a professional carpenter, fiber artist, sign-maker, seamstress, jeweler, metalworker or the like. 

For example: you draw a stool, we cut it out and send you the parts to put together or you find pictures of a piece of clothing you want to make and we create a GetKit for you to make it! Idea is approved before we proceed. 

Be prepared to learn, to make stuff and to smile. Make sure you share your maker and personality preferences for best fit! 

Process takes 4-8 weeks. 

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