Be Heard Craftivism GetKitForGood

Be Heard Craftivism GetKitForGood

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No matter your mission/cause/values/views...some exciting news! We have created a GetKit to help you BE HEARD!

How about a little CRAFTIVISM!?!?!?! These GetKits are here to aid you on your mission to BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD Join us. Be us. EVERYONE is welcome here. 

We want to give you the tools to exercise your voice. EDUCATE yourself, vote, engage, and communicate with your elected officials. No matter what "SIDE" you take!!!!  Never done anything like this? That's ok. KNOWLEDGE is power, peace and strength. Obtain it, use it, share it! Use your voice. Make it LOUD. Don't be afraid. You are NOT alone. 

Each kit includes: 10+ Postage Paid Postcards featuring Beautiful Craftivism Art with simple ideas, and information needed to reach your representatives. Communication and collaboration with them is their job and yours. 

Safety Gloves - Pattern, Needles/Hook, Tools, Project Bag, Instructions and the fiber of your choice (Acrylic, Wool, Alpaca, Organic Cotton) to produce a beautiful pair of fingerless safety gloves in kiddo, women, or dude sizes. Fiber-only option if you need to make more pairs for your family, friends, or cool strangers. 

Cross Stitch - Pattern, Tools, Project Bag, Canvas, Hoop, Instructions and the Fiber to produce an impactful cross stitch project in your choice:

  • Hear Our Voice Small, 14 count fabric, less detail, beginner
  • Hear Our Voice Large, 18 count fabric, more detail, advanced
  • Crowd Small, 14 count fabric, less detail, beginner 
  • Crowd Large, 18 count fabric, more detail, advanced
  • Be The Change Tattoo Small, 14 count fabric, less detail, beginner 
  • Be The Change Tattoo Large, 18 count fabric, more detail, advanced
  • Any unlicensed Photo/Quote- 4-8" canvas
  • Any unlicensed Photo/Quote - 8-12" canvas

Mailing Only - If you want to get busy and hold a gathering to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. Perhaps at your kitchen table with your family, with everyone in the neighborhood, or at your local knitting night! WE ARE WITH YOU. Share your story and your pictures with the hashtag #GetKitforGood

All of our GetKits and the finished products are gift-able but we bet you'll want to keep them for yourself! Be prepared to make stuff and smile. Make sure you share your maker and personality preferences for best fit! These are surprises, mysteries sent to your door. Be ready for a sense of accomplishment! All kits will ship FREE and lightning fast.

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