Play with Me Table

Play with Me Table

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Industrial Modern studio table, conference table, dining room table, craft room station, workbench AND desk with incredible work surfaces!

Let's work or eat or play or make or all at once! Just add people, papers, plates, treats, legos, board games, homework, dinner, Lincoln logs, paper, crafts, computers, life and LOVE. Adults & kiddos, belly up! All of our kits and the finished products are gift-able but we bet your are gonna want to keep them for yourself! 

This gorgeous SOLID hardwood and steel table will last you through many play dates and looks great as an adult coffee, conference, dining table or desk too. 

Add removable magical work surface that make plays of all sorts of work!

Choose from lego, magnetic (for poetry and design), felt (great to keep jewelry findings in place while you work!), chalk board, white board, blocking board (to get those knits in line!), pallette (washable, finger-paintable painter's surface), canvas (to add texture to your art), leather (for sophistication and desk protection), cork, cutting (for fabric cutters and kitchen knives). Add more if you can't decide!

Fully customizable, contact us if you want a funky finishes, size or shape, otherwise just add some notes at checkout to make it your own!

Feeling adventurous? You can also get it as a DIY leg kit and we will teach you how to procure, design and assemble with your own legs! 

Version shown is 78" x 45" x 29" High Complete Kit

Top is 1-1/2" SOLID HARDWOOD

Height Up to you! AND can be changed over time!


Walnut (Shown), Maple, Oak, Cherry, White or custom color match.

23" Low Table - fits average kids chair / kneeling or floor sitting adult
26" High Table - fits average kids or adult chair/ standing kiddo
29" Desk Height - (Shown) fits average adult chair
40" Stand Up Desk Height - fits average adult

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