How knitting a “Pussyhat” at The Lady Cave’s event awoken something in me.

by Kevin Alavi

The owner of The Lady Cave, Stacy Hollmann, asked me to help out with her “Pussyhat” event.  This event was created so hundreds of pink Pussyhats could be made by a collective group of people that had at least one thing in common, show their pride for being a woman (and supporting women) and be a voice to ensure all their progress in the world doesn’t halt and go backwards.

My first reaction was I can’t knit and I’m not much of a crafter; music has always been my thing and was something I took to naturally.  But I wanted to break out of my mold of not usually attending such events and show support to women because I believed in the cause.  So I offered to DJ the event.  It’s a huge passion of mine, something I used to do in clubs in Chicago for most of my 20’s.  I’m always itching to have the chance to mix music for people.  And what’s better than mixing all girl power music for six hours???   LOL!!!

I’m glad I attended and was a contributor in some fashion.  What I saw was awesome to say it simplest.  Lots of women (and some men) just sitting around, having conversations with friends.  Making new friends with people they just met, while doing something they love to do…KNIT!  There was many newbies and kids learning. You can see the pride on everyone’s face as this time they were knitting for a cause that was about every single person in that room (including the men!).  We all know what can be accomplished when we are passionate about something.  I was able to witness that.  And it felt good.

It felt so good that I attended the next “Pussyhat” event at headquarters, Attract, LLC in St. Croix Falls, WI.  Again I wanted to break out of my mold and try something new.  So I asked Stacy to take it easy on me and show me the most amateur way to make a hat.  She sat me down next to this round machine that had many little legs that connect to yarn.  All I had to do is pay attention to make sure it was going in the right way (weaving in and out) and simply spin a handle until it was all done.  I had to close it off with a knitting needle so my bare hands had some involvement.  I attached a cute charm to it and, poof – I made a hat.  I made two hats at this event and it felt good. 

Did Stacy convert me to a knitter?  I’m not sure.  Will I attend another event?  Well I heard they are now being held at breweries throughout Minneapolis every week.  Kinda like a club.  Genius!  So you’re telling me I can have some tasty beers and make some stuff?  Yes please. 

So what did we learn here?  Well first and foremost, get uncomfortable.  Do something that scares you.  Do something you haven’t done before.  Do something.  I learned that The Lady Cave (which also has The Dude’s Cave and The Baby Cave – something for everyone) is on to something really cool.  And it’s not just knitting.  You can make your own whiskey or build something cool out of wood with your kids.  Attend an event and you will get it.  I also learned that being part of something, like a worthy cause, feels amazing.  It’s good to get passionate about something.  It’s what fuels us.  Awakens us.  So go find your passion.  And if you’re unsure what that is, check an event Stacy @ The Lady Cave is hosting.