Paper Palette

Paper Palette

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Tabletop or handheld, Disposable Paper Palettes are extra thick, durable and wrinkle-free!

Disposable Paper Palettes are made with heavyweight, special-coated, non-absorbent paper. They are glue-bound for quick and easy removal. These disposable palettes are available in a tabletop or a handheld design. Both designs also come in a clean white or a soft grey color. 

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  • Heavyweight, non-absorbent paper
  • Wrinkle-free surface
  • Glue-bound for quick and easy removal
  • Use with oils, acrylics, alkyds, and caseins
  • Withstands regular use of a palette knife
  • Available in a handheld model and a tabletop model
  • Available in a clean white color or a soft grey color
  • White palettes include 30 disposable sheets
  • Grey palettes include 40 disposable sheets
  • Quick and easy clean up -- just tear off the palette sheet and throw it away!
  • Perfect for plein air and for artists on the go.
  • Perfect for artists, students, teachers, studios, businesses and classrooms!
  • Extra thick to eliminate bleed-through.

Brand: SoHo